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Treaty of Mustafar


James Maximus:



The Knights Of The Round Table and The First Order, hereafter the signatories, confirm their friendship and collective defense, and hereby enter into this Optional Defense Pact.

Article I: Sovereignty

The signatories will not interfere in the sovereignty, governance, or affairs of the other.

Article II: Non-Aggression

The signatories will refrain from all forms of aggression against the other, including sanctions, spying, war, and smuggling Death Star plans.

Article III: Intelligence

Intelligence which pertains to the safety or stability of the either alliance will be shared between the signatories.

Article IV: Aid & Financial Transactions

The signatories may engage in financial transactions for their mutual benefit, including foreign aid, buying and selling of technology, and resource trades through the Kessel Run.

Article V: Optional Defense

If one signatory comes under assault from a hostile nation, rebel alliance, or ewoks, it may request diplomatic and military assistance from the other. Military assistance is optional and may include foreign aid, spy operations, and use of military force.

Article VI: Graft

Lollerobot will be provided a Porg, and James Maximus will be provided a Nautolan Turtle.

Article VII: Cancellation

This Pact may be cancelled, with or without cause, by either signatory with 72 hours written notice.

Signed for the Knights of the Round Table,
Knights of the Grail, Knight-King
Lollerobot, Knight-Ambassador

Signed for The First Order,
Mastabadey, Supreme Leader
BringMeTheHorizon, Grand Admiral
James Maximus, General Staff
Feetler, General Staff

--- End quote ---


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