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The First Order Charter



Code of The First Order
"Let The Past Die. Kill It If You Have To. It's The Only Way To Become What You Were Meant To Be."

Article I: Imperial Government
The Supreme Leader,
The Supreme Leader, hereby known as the Supreme, serves as the Sovereign of the Order. The Supreme reserves the power of Authority, in declaring war and treaties, imposing member sanctions and assembling their General Staff before the General Assembly,
The Supreme is to serve till they see fit; Or may be Impeached by action of the General Assembly;
The Supreme is to select an Admiral, who shall serve at and by the Supreme’s will; acts in the Supreme’s absence and shall inherit the Supreme Leadership upon dismissal of the Emperor;
Any powers not already delegated by this Code may be reserved by the Supreme.
The General Staff,
The General Staff, hereby known as the Staff, serve as the heads of their respective Divisions;
The Staff reserves the power to set Division mandates, and oversee Impeachment Proceedings;
A member of the Staff may be dismissed on Authority of the Supreme or through Impeachment by the Grand Assembly;
The General Assembly,
All Troopers are granted membership in the General Assembly, hereby known as the Assembly and retain the full Rights and privileges delegated to Troopers of the Order; including the rights to propose, debate and vote on legislation;
The Assembly reserves the power of Confirmation of the Staff;
All Staff appointments must be confirmed by a simple majority,
The Assembly reserves the powers of Impeachment and Removal;
Any Trooper may bring forth the case for Impeachment before the Assembly, but must be seconded by another before Proceedings begin,
A two-thirds majority is required to Remove.

Article II: Amendments
1. Amendments require a two-thirds majority vote by the Assembly for approval;
a. The vote shall be Ratified, pending the voting period has surpassed one-hundred twenty hours.


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